Abstract got accepted for ASM< WSPID < ISPPD in one year but no travel grants for first two mentioned conferences and the 3rd one is on the waiting list.


In Bangladesh, there is actually no definite section where a non-student can apply for travel cost to attend conferences or courses in abroad. Students do have some area but not that specific. My two abstract got accepted into two conferences, got excited nah??? But wait, my enthusiasm just wave away from the fact that I got know travel grants so I couldn’t attend.

At first, I was nervous and tensed by the fact whether my abstract will get accepted or not. But when I received the mail from the conference community of ASM microbe 2017 that my abstract got accepted I was too happy. That time had no idea that travel grants are the main fact to attend those conferences, and soon after got rejected for grants by the community.

This time it was WSPID 2017, abstract got accepted but no chance of managing travel and registration money !! At last, one of my co-authors presented it there in China, it was her nice gesture that she photoshopped the pic with my poster at the conference hall.

PopyNow its time for ISPPD 2017, but is there ay chance that this time I can get those scholarships? Finger crossed !!! waiting for the news, I never traveled outside of my country, this is the opportunity to see abroad, meeting different people of my area and sharing my thoughts and views, to see great researchers. Hope this time I would attend.