During Masters we were so exhausted always doing same work, again and again, we forgot that we had a normal life. We had a short time before thesis submission, so we had to work like a robot. But one day one of my friends ask to do something funny. I was not sure whether it was possible or not. He suggests that we should arrange a picnic. Like he said, all of us were very eager to do so. Taking permission from my supervisor we start our picnic. All the boys took the responsibility for buying picnics goods, rice, meat, oil, salads, etc. And girls were fully responsible for cooking, especially Tania 🙂


Though Suahna was naive when it comes to cooking, she had no culinary idea by that time. Though she helped a lot on cutting. Most of us worked a lot to make that picnic a memorable one. And yes, it becomes a golden memory what encourage me to write it on my personal blog. dsc02965My supervisor came with his wife and child at night to have dinner with us. All of us had dinner in our teacher’s meeting room, first time eating there. Though I am writing here, couldn’t describe how tasty it was and how I enjoyed that night. God really blessed those people who have friends and teachers like me :). Happy Thesis days !!!!!!