On 1st September 2015, I first started my work period in pneumococcal carriage study at CHRF. It was quite a new subject, completely new to me. Being a graduate, I choose to start my career with this job. But I have to deal with new things and new challenges were waiting for me. As I have never seen any S. pneumoniae (Spn) in my 5-year journey on Microbiology and guess what? I got my job only to work on Spn. It was like a new life, first time living alone in a different city and working on completely new bacteria.



However, identifying Spn colony was a challenge as a newbie but my colleague can do it forthrightly. What they see and how they understand to tell this is Spn not just a Streptococcus sp. was really amazing. But soon after I also become a maestro in Spn identification without doing any further test. An affection has been developed shortly for pneumococcus. It was complacent for me to see the large green colony on red blood agar plate. Day by day, I learned so many things about the bacteria that I decided to have my higher degree only on Spn.

Every day my desire to work on this increased, I thought this is where I belong and encourage me to study further on this bacteria.20161218_120432

Liking my work, make me like my colleague. We become friends, sharing everything not only office gossip but also our family problems and personal feelings. We became another family, carriage team what others called us. I realized that to be in a successful team, one must need the better understanding of the people belonging there. And we had this. Extolment was high enough to become arrogant but I was not. I know I have to go a long way to be like our Samir sir, who was the person behind my love towards Spn.